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Double Engine Dragsters Eddie Hill twin engine dragster Cars
Double Engine Dragsters | Eddie Hill twin engine dragster Old Race Cars, Eddie Hill,
Vintage NHRA, Eddie Hill-Twin Engine Dragster
Eddie Hill Twin-Engine Dragster | Twin-engine blown Pontiac - 2 engines, 4 slicks - Eddie built the .
Eddie Hill Double Dragon Dragster. Eddie Hill Double Dragon Dragster. This twin-engine car ...
Eddie's single engine unblown Pontiac, the quickest unblown gas dragster at the time
I don't think Tommy Ivo's Buick Nailhead–powered, side-by-
Vintage Dragsters, Flopper, Gassers, Slingshots, SS and A/FX Discussion - Page 3 - AR15.COM
Vintage Drag Racing - Dragster...one of the most creative...dual side-by-side engines and dually slicks
Chrisman also built a twin-engine car that used dual slicks in an attempt for
Re: Toymakers Twin Engine Dragster.......Not just to look at!
Double Engine Dragsters | Four Engine Dragster ala Tommy Ivo, 1960
Eddie "The Thrill" Hill - "4" Father of Drag Racing's ...
Eddie's single engine blown Pontiac gas dragster ran a great 8.84
Another one of Barry's much-loved twin engined dragsters – Eddie Hill's “ Double Dragon” from 1961. Note the double rear wheels and also the detail on the ...
Texan Jack Moss was an opposed-twin-engine terror in the early years and
There is a special drag race culture in the great state of Texas. In the dragster ranks, Eddie Hill is in the Top 10 in both NHRA's and Draglist.com's Top ...
Caddo Mills, Texas 1964: Long time fuel racing (dragsters & boats) icon Eddie Hill developed and drove this unique dual engine Pontiac Top Fuel car in the ' ...
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Eddie Hill Double Dragon Dragster
Ken Van Unen in Duane Lidtke's twin Chevy set low E.T. For Top Gas at the 1971 NHRA Winternationals in Pomona, California. Lidtke switched drivers and put ...
#1434 - The remarkable Texan Eddie Hill showed up for the 1962 season with a twin Pontiac short-wheelbase slingshot with four 8-inch slicks.
The "Blue Angels" dual engine dragster. Dragster racers were not quite the Prima Donnas we have seen in the 21st Century. If they had a place to race, ...
A History Of Drag Racing In Miniature
Hill racing a motorcycle in 1973
cncenginedynamics: “ The Texan Eddie Hill's Double Dragon 92″ wheelbase dragster was built by
Eddie Hill Double Dragon Dragster
The Hills may not be seen at the dragstrip or liquid quarter-mile, but the good news is that they're still racing, albeit on road courses now. Eddie ...
Toymakers Twin Engine Dragster.......Not just to look at!
One of Eddie's first blown 392 fueled hemis in an Eddie Hill chassis (far lane)
oldehill.jpg (170812 bytes)
... dual engine Buick powered dragster, he sold the single engine digger (less engine) to his buddy and fellow Road King Club member, Don Prudhomme.
Eddie Hill. Twin Pontiacs and four slicks. The upper frame rail attached to the engine making the engines a part of the chassis.
Eddie Hill Drag Racing List The Racing Career of Eddie Hill
The Ivo Files: For Love, Not Money
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Also from 1961 is this replica of the “Two Bad” competition coupe driven by Don Hampton. Check the pair of angled blown Chevy motors.
Old-school prairie pounding, Texas style
G.S.T.A. Twin engine car. 10293700_848786665144234_4688706281237591841_o.jpg
1956 Cadlillac powered dragster Kansas City Nationals
Four wheel drive, twin Panchos. This car was built as a dragster but on the way to the NHRA Nationals (1958 I think), Mickey stopped off at the Salt Flats ...
Eddie Hill
Watching Buddy Cortines drive the Carroll Brothers twin Chrysler Top Fuel car was like watching a mobile earthquake. The ground would tremble and your eyes ...
Jim Van Orden on Jan 21st, 2018
Chris Karamesines tried Chizler I, a short-wheelbase, opposed-engine car.
Eddie Hill Double Dragon Dragster. This twin-engine car ...
Drag racing - An early example, a 1958 Fuel dragster (technically, a rail
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Eddie Hill Twin-Engine Dragster | Eddie Hill's Double Dragon Twin-Engine Dragster
At some point after Tommy Ivo took delivery of his new dual engine Buick powered dragster, he sold the single engine digger (less engine) to his buddy and ...
Eddie Hill waves to fans as his wife Ercie steers their dragster
Eddie Hill Eddie Hill Photos 19951029 Pomona CA
Don Garlits' Swamp Rat I
Eddie Hill Top Fuel Engine Explosion
Vintage sports and racing cars pictures. [Archive] - Page 26 - The WoodenBoat Forum
Decades ago before the sanctioning bodies began putting the kabosh on innovation and outside-the-box ingenuity in the sport, multi engine dragsters were a ...
Then you'll LOVE this.
Shown are two racers from last year's Meet The Legends Nostalgia Drags and Rod Run.
[ IMG]
Eddie Hill artwork
The insane “Green Monster” as it looked in 1958 complete with its Allison V12 aircraft engine. Can't imagine this one being easy to build.
a very unusual dragster, dual hemis with tow drive axles, and a Messerschmitt KR200 body
... Click image for larger version Name: x1a.JPG Views: 126 Size: 137.8 ...
A legend, Jim "Jazzy" Nelson and his dual engined dragster. Jim's flathead powered, Fiat bodied, Competition coupe put the hurt on many dragsters in the " ...
Eddie Hill Double Dragon Dragster
Choppers Pomona Valley Timing Association dragster 20
While I was on tour in 1969, I came across this twin engine blown Chevy Top Fuel car. I do remember the car was beautifully painted and detailed but ...
Image 3 of 8: Photo Courtesy: Photography by Don Brown, from his archives
Eddie Hill Drag Racing Story of the Day Eddie Hill Inducted into
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Eddie Hill with his Atom at Hallett Motor Raceway, near Tulsa, Oklahoma. (All photos from Eddie Hill)
I had a lot of fun researching and reminiscing while creating last week's column about Pat Austin's double at the 1991 Topeka event, but, typical me, ...
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1960's Front Engine Dragsters parachutes out Drag Racing 13x19 Photo Poster 487 1 of 1 See More
Eddie Hill hits 300mph (source: Tom Margie)
Boat that Hill drove to 229 miles per hour, on display at Eddie Hill's Fun
Jackson Brothers
MX2 Jr Dragster 7.90
[ IMG]
First four-second run in history - 4/9/88 - 4.990 E.T., 288.55 mph - Texas Motorplex - Ennis, ...
So me and a friend built a front engine dragster
Eddie Hill and his Atom at Eagles Canyon Raceway, near Decatur, Texas. (Photo from Eddie Hill)
The "Head Hunters" dual Cadillac engine dragster. Built and driven by Don Jensen, this car was built using some of the ideas from the "Bustle Bomb" dragster ...